Workstation Assessments

Assessment and advice on individual workstations to ensure optimal set up to prevent or reduce discomfort.  This will ensure both employer and employee responsibilities are being met and that a safe and comfortable work environment is achieved.

We offer different types of Workstation Assessments which are customised to individual / company requirements (please call us to discuss). Having a regular workstation assessment is a simple way to ensure you are meeting H&S requirement.


Workplace/ Worksite Assessments

At Work Solution’s Worksite Assessments involve analysis of an individual's job / work tasks and individual work techniques. The assessment includes recommendations on how to encourage a work techniques that will minimise injury and discomfort to the worker and maximise system productivity. The assessment will include recommendations for any equipment, changes to techniques and any ongoing preventative strategies required.


Graduated Return to Work Programmes (GRTW)
Stay At Work – SAW

A plan is developed with the employer and employee taking into account the person’s current level of function, the work environment, equipment required and an observation of the required work tasks.

Supervision by the therapist over the course of the program will provide practical advice regarding work practices, trial of new equipment if required, and education regarding self-management strategies. This process ensures the progression in work tasks and hours continues to match the individual’s level of function, ultimately resulting in a safe and sustainable return to work.

Gradual Process Assessments

An in-depth task analysis of work tasks, processes and work techniques. This involves in-depth information gathering and observation (by the Therapist) of an individual's working habits, techniques, detailed study of the loads, frequencies and demands of any job. This information provides Occupational Physicians with the relevant information when reviewing a client with a gradual process injury.

Functional Job Descriptions / Task Analysis

At Work Solutions Consultants complete a detailed study of the functions of the job the person is required to do. The report provides a comprehensive account of the demands of and individual’s role including the physical and cognitive demands of the job prior to their injury or illness.


Home Help assessments

If an employee requires assistance at home due to their injury/ illness, we are able to undertake an assessment of the individual in their home environment to consider personal care needs (i.e. showering, dressing), household management needs (cleaning), transport and childcare needs. We make a recommendation regarding equipment needs and the number of hours required.

Vehicle Assessments

Assessment of an individual’s posture in their work or personal vehicle to maximize driver comfort and minimize associated fatigue.

The assessment may include reviewing driver comfort including seat design, pedal and steering wheel position, the driving task, and any manual handling that may be undertaken before or after driving. Increased comfort can be achieved through often simple adjustments, appropriate stretching, or if required the provision equipment.


Initial Occupational Assessments (IMA & VIMA)

We undertake both IOA and VIOA assessment. 

The Initial Occupational Assessment (IOA) identifies the types of work an individual can do with their current skills.

The Vocational Independence Occupational Assessment (VIOA) reviews the work options identified in the previous IOA to determine if an individual is vocationally ready for independence.

This assessment is undertaken prior to the Occupational Physician completing a Vocational Independence Medical Assessment (VIMA).


Return to Daily Living Programme

Development of daily programmes to assist a client back to into daily life routines and structure after disruption to their lives / work

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